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Co-Branded Cash Back Program

Our team has been in the card linked, cash back space since 2008.  We were pioneers in cash back programs while integrating directly into companies like First Data, Bank of America Merchant Services, Vantiv and more

The Power of Card linked Cash Back Programs

Have you ever wanted to create your own cash back rewards platform but didn't know where to begin?  Look no further, our team of experts knows how to create the perfect cash back program for your needs

Card-linked offers are digital coupons that are stored on your credit card that is linked to the program.  When you use the credit card that is linked, you instantly receive cash back for shopping at a participating retailer.  Your customers will be notified in real-time that a transaction occurred and that money has been added to their virtual wallet.  These funds can be transferred to your customers in a variety of ways.  This ultimately enhances the connection between your users and your brand and creates an 'ah-ha' moment that is sure to create excitement by your customers.

Co-Branded Platform

Building out a card linked cash back program is extremely expensive and will take years to build.  Our team of experts have relationships within the space to get you up and running in no time with the following services:

  1.    Co-branded consumer app – Has your companies colors and logos

  2.    iOS and Android versions

  3.    10,000 plus local restaurants

  4.    20+ National retailers

  5.    20+ National and regional online retailers

  6.    Hotel booking engine

  7.    Instant notifications to customers

  8.    Customer Wallet

            a. Displays balances, deposits and withdrawals

            b. Can transfer money to

                         i. Bank account

                        ii. Paypal

                       iii. Venmo

                       iv. Donate to charity

  9.    Real-time reporting

10.    Support

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