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Why Customers Love Rebates

You know that your customers love discounts and rebates - but do you know why? If you're thinking about finding a white label loyalty program to brand with your company's logo and design, it's important to understand why rebates and cash back programs are so appealing to consumers.

People love feeling like they're in on a secret. When your app isn't known to everyone, they'll feel like they're getting a special deal, making them more likely to come back for more.

When you offer certain rebates or amounts of cash back on purchases for a short time only, people will act quickly, due to the fear of missing out. Customers love to know that they got in on a deal before everyone else.

Creating your new white label loyalty program has the potential to attract new customers. When existing customers hear about your new program, they're more likely to talk to their family and friends about what you have to offer, to let them in on the deal.

Cash back loyalty and rebate programs work because most customers love to feel like they're gaining something, rather than losing something. It's the same idea behind the concept that most customers prefer to "get $10 off" than to "save $10." Customers want to know that they're getting more for their time and money.

If you're looking for the perfect white label loyalty program to get your company started with cash back rebates, reach out to Four Lunas. We're here to help you utilize our white label loyalty program system to get your cash back rebate program off on the right foot.

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