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Merchant Services

How To Save Money On Credit Card Processing

The credit card industry is hard to understand, and once you sign up for merchant services, it can be tough to know what's going on with your money. At Four Lunas, we're proud to work with you to help you save money on credit card processing, without having to do any additional work.

We understand that it can be hard to know whether you're being charged fair credit card processing fees, and the first part of figuring out whether you need to make a change is to find out how much money you could be saving. At Four Lunas, we provide you with a free audit of your current credit processing fees. We'll talk with you about different ways we may be able to save you money.

Next, we'll negotiate with your processors on your behalf to lower your credit processing rates. We don't require you to switch processors - we simply work with the processors you're already using to ensure that you're getting the best rate possible. We don't collect our fee until we save you money, and we only collect money if we're able to lower your costs.

Lastly, we'll perform regular audits to ensure that you're continuing to get the lowest rates possible. We understand that rates change, and it's key for us to stay on top of rate changes to make sure you're continuing to get your money's worth.

72% of businesses are overpaying in credit card processing fees, and it's our mission to lower that number. If you're currently paying credit card processing fees, reach out to us today to learn how our merchant services could help you save.

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