We help our clients with a complete variety of travel products. We have access to a world-class booking engine that provides hotels, weekly rentals, car rentals, airfare, cruises, packages, and activities.


Members-Only Booking Engine

Do you have a private network of users and looking to provide significant cost savings to them under your brand?  With a private-label hotel booking engine geared towards closed user groups, you can access unpublished hotel rates that are up to 50% of retail prices in the market.  Best of all you have complete control over the margins.

What you will have access to

With the hotel booking engine, you will have built-in technology with many in-demand features that have been developed over the years of rigorous testing and history.  A sophisticated hotel aggregation algorithm powers the platform with the inventory at the best rates in the industry.

Customizable Interface

Hotel Mapping

Rates & Commissions


Customer Support

Rewards Programs

Customizable Interface

The booking engine you will have access to is completely white-labeled. This means that the final website is your branding. It looks and feels like a seamless part of your brand. Additionally, the site is mobile-responsive and customizable to fit your needs.​


You will have the opportunity to start with a user interface template for your hotel booking website (Desktop and Mobile). The template has been rigorously tested to ensure a smooth and clean user experience for your customers. You can also customize it to fit your needs while maintaining the critical components to achieve success.

mobile responsive.png

Hotel Mapping

The White-label booking engine is connected to the most relevant suppliers in the industry today, including major OTA's and wholesalers.  Since you will have an overlap in inventory between providers, the system consolidates duplicate hotel inventory, so you do not have to create any de-duping algorithms.

The engine also cleans the database to make sure any changes to a hotel are updated across all inventory available.  It updates when hotels:

  • Change names

  • Goes out of business

  • Operates during certain parts of the year

Hotel Mapping.png

Rates and Commissions

The platform populates the pricing with inventory from all major hotel providers in the industry.  The prices you will get are by far the best in the market today.  This means significant cost savings to your customers and even better margins for your business that you control.

rates and commission.png


You will know what is happening any second, 24/7.  The reporting module is designed to give you a complete view of all bookings from your private label website (Desktop and mobile).  You can look at the numbers in real-time and review past data.


Reservation Data

The interactive dashboard will provide all reservation data in real-time. You will have access to the following data sets:

  • Total bookings

  • Estimated room revenue

  • Conversion rates

  • Average daily rate

  • The average length of stay


Customer Support

Customer support is the lifeline of every business as communicating with your customers is vital.  You will be able to outsource full customer support, including phone and email.  Agents will be able to provide your clients with the following support questions:

  • Day of check-in issues

  • Reservation modifications

  • General questions

Customer Service.png
Rewards Program.png

Rewards Programs

If you are looking to reward your customers for by creating some type of loyalty reward system, the white-label booking engine can handle different types of programs, including:

  • Points

  • Coupons

  • Cash back

  • Donations

Rewards Program.png